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The best of Adriatic Sea #2: The National Park Brijuni

The National Park Brijuni is one of eight national parks in Croatia. The Brijuni are located near the city of Pula and includes 14 islands.

The National Park Brijuni is one of eight national parks in Croatia. The Brijuni are located near the city of Pula. The length of all island coastlines amonuts to 46.82 km, while the length of the sea border amounts to 22.93 km. The National Park includes 14 islands: Veliki Brijun, Mali Brijun, Sv. Marko, Gaz, Okrugljak, Supin, Supinić, Galija, Gruni, Vanga, Pusti otok, Vrsar, Sv. Jerolim and Kozada.

The Brijuni islands

Veliki Brijun

Veliki Brijun is largest island, the surface area is 562 ha, and the length of the coastline is 25.9 km. Also is most visited island of all the other islands of National Park Brijuni. You have few choices how you can come and enjoy in Veliki Brijun. First choice, if you love sail is renting a boat on our website NorthEast travel agency and enjoy in beautiful port. Second, you can buy a ticket on Brijuni website and come in the island with their boat frm village Fažana.

There you can enjoy the beautiful centuries-old holm oak forests where today fallow deer, deer axis and mouflon walk carefree. The island also has one of the oldes olive trees in the Mediterranean, planted in 4th century.

The Brijuni islands

Mali Brijun

Mali Brijun is interesting because Fort Minor, which is the largest fortification on the Adriatic coast. It was built from 1895. to 1900., and it is part of second defensive belt that surrounded Pula.

In the evening Fort Minor become a theatrical scene of Ulysses. A few days before your favorite show you can buy a ticket and enjoy in amazing performances. Unfortunatly, the island is closed for visitors, but we suggest that you rent a boat in NorthEast travel agency website and moor on a buoy. You can then enjoy in beauty of Mali Brijun and peaceful evironment.


Vanga is small island where stay is only available to political officials. For visitors the island is close but in the future they have an idea to opn to the public.

Also, in Vanga is former Tito's residence, which consisted of wine celler, a Slovene room, the Indonesian fisherman's salon, then photographic laboratory and workshop from his time.

The island has lot of fruits, you can find grape vines, tangarines, and other types of fruit.

Sv. Jerolim

This small island named after a chrch with a monastery that one dominated the island, and it was destroyed by exploitation of stone. For visitors the island is open and you can sail around aquarium or draft boat to dock after paying a fee. There you can enjoy in beuatiful environment and the island is also popular diving site.

How to reach to National Park Brijuni with your boat?

National Park is near to city Pula. Pula is well connected city with all the island and amazing locations that surround it. The most important informatio is that in less than an hour you can enjoy at the National Park Brijuni. Also, city have many charters ehere you can rent your boat and start your dream vacation. On our website NorthEast travel agency you can find a lot of boats which are located at Pula port's and have good connaction with National Park.

When you come at National Park Brijuni you have two solutions where to anchoring boat

First you can go in port of Veliki Brijun. Port provides safe place for all boats up to 55 meters long. For longer boat is possible to anchoring in Fažana Channel. When you are sailing in the port each boater will be provided instrucrions regarding the National Park, as well power and water connection. Also, port provides you bathroom and shower places.

Second solution is St. Nicholas's bay on Mali Brijun. The Veliki Brijun and the Mali Brijun are reparated with Tisnac Channel, 120 meter wide and 2-3 meter deep. The island is rich in gentle bays and beautiful beaches with pebbles. Choose your place to stay and spend a day in peaceful enviroment with sounds of summer.

The price list of mooring, berth, and sojorn, you can find in website of National Park Brijuni.


Source: National Park Brijuni

Photo: National Park Brijuni

How to reach to National Park Brijuni with your boat?

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