Northeast skipper

Kristjan Runovc

Currently a studying in Ljubljana, but through the childhood summers grew on a boats of different sizes and shapes. I played basketball through my highschool and at some point got to the professional level. After that faculty opened various new opportunities for me and on that path one of them was becoming a skipper.

Category C 30BT
Licence number:
4 years
Slovenian, Croatian, English, German
Sailing area:
Adriatic sea
Skipper fee:
150 € per day (25% VAT included)

Questions and answers

When did you start sailing?

My first proper sailing on a sailing boat happend before my 10th birthday. What was once fun and way of spending summer time, developed more or less unintentionally and spontaneously into the working place as well.

Which sailing destinations are your favourite?

I spend most of my time on a Croatian coastline which offeres many amazing places for every taste and interests. If I had to choose one site, then that would be middle Dalmatia.

When you’re not sailing, you are...

I am studying and playing basketball.

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